British Mohair, a dramatic enhancement

April 25, 2022
April 25, 2022 Jacob Twomey

Join us and discover the stages of our development to produce our new British Mohair bunch.

From our design studio to the pattern room, through to our looms and beyond, supplying our luxury British Mohair fabric, to tailors across the world.

The William Halstead team have been deep in consequential consultation bringing you a dramatic enhancement of our industry-standard British Mohair bunch. Recognised as our hallmark mohair fabrics, a sizeable expansion is now in the works. Enlarging with a generous range of new colour and design options.

Exemplifying our philosophy in action. Creativity and know-how infused into every thread.

Continuing the quest to perfect a significant moment in our ongoing undertaking; to furnish our already emblematic British Mohair bunch with the ultimate expressions of artistry in cloth.

Cone dyed Mohair weft yarn destined for the loom for the manufacture of our British Mohair cloth.

Benefiting from the wide-ranging products and services available across our wider group, colour is added to our yarns at our own dye house in Langholm situated on the borders of Scotland.

Looking closely at the cones it is possible to observe the fine fibres mohair is known for, and it may seem curious to the uninitiated that such hairy yarn results in a piece of very clean-cut mohair fabric.

The secret is a process called “singeing” where the fabric is passed through a flame to remove any surface fibre.

This classic stripe design, part of our new British Mohair bunch.

An abstract view of production shows warp threads progressing from the warp beam through to weft insertion on the loom.

There are regimented patterns visible throughout the production process that are testament to the precision and accuracy required when producing fine quality natural fibre fabric.

Moving on to take a look inside our weaving shed, our new British Mohair stock support fabric in loom.

From the practical to the abstract, there are many intriguing sights to catch the eye during the production process and it is our pleasure to share some of these insights with you.

Highlighted for Mohair, the care and attention required to weave fabric from this most challenging of fibres exemplifies the skillset and knowledge imbued in our organisation.

We our due to release our new British Mohair bunch in June 2022, a classic yet captivating range of cloth to sit alongside our stock-supported British Mohair bunch.

A cool, light, and dry feel, with a natural crease resilience and additional durability, this makes the fabric easy to wear with the ability to transfer heat away from the body.

A classic collection of our finest and most enduring cloths, elegant in appearance, wrinkle resistance with lustrous colour to create the ultimate fabric that makes an easy transition from business to smart casual.

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