An English originator and maker of natural fibre woven cloths. Exemplifying English character, respecting authentic English cloth construction augmented by an idiosyncratic application of design and colour uniquely our own.

With foundations firmly rooted in Bradford, the Yorkshire city with a name that is synonymous with the zenith of Wool manufacturing globally. With a history that maps the industrial revolution in textiles to the present day from a powerhouse of the 19th Century to a design house of the 21st Century. It occupies a unique position in the continuum of the British Textile Industry. To this day we are weaving in the same location for over 150 years.

William Halstead has gained an enviable position with the world’s most exceptional fashion brands that makes us a principal English weaver suppling them formal fabrics, fiercely protective of our customers identity, but should one consider brands from Paris, Milan and New York seen to be the most directional, the most aspirational and who present the most anticipated runway shows in the fashion world, these are our customers.

Our growing reach is truly global from supplying branded selvedge fabrics to the Gulf States, to the far east including China, Japan, Korea and Hong Kong we are famous wherever worn. Supporting our worldwide business demands a busy schedule of travel and shows from New York to Milan, Paris to Munich.

William Halstead has gained a title as the ‘Master of Mohair’ amongst the leading-edge fashion houses of the world, international high-class tailors and cloth merchants.

It is not an accident that William Halstead has become synonymous with Mohair forging a special place in the hearts of the world’s clothing and garment cognoscenti, no other weaver offers the expertise and collections in high percentage mohair. One of the most challenging natural fibres to work with requiring considerable skill in warping, weaving, mending, dyeing, and finishing. Mohair rewards the extra effort as a perfect canvas for solid piece dye colours and a characterful hand feel, recovery, and lustre.

Carrying the most exciting range of plain shades in mohair and a new design direction in seasonal collections, mohair for us is not just a Spring fibre as once was, we make mohair relevant for the winter, especially in the fashion world. Whilst our collections and fame are not only limited to mohair, but the skill also required to produce mohair points to the quality of all our fabrics including our many worsted cloths.


Initiating the virtues of traditional manufacturing