These cloths form the pillars of our business, the nuclei of our collections and fulfil our core values of cloth construction and composition; what is understood as a real William Halstead cloth.

Whilst our seasonal collections and stock support range cover a wide spectrum of worsted and woollen cloths and different attributes fluctuating over time, these specific articles speak to the continuity of William Halstead in the consciousness of all who value our proposition as a leading cloth maker.

This is our manifesto presented as we know best – in fabric form. A guiding light to those who wish to engage with us.


An open weave Panama woven from an especially springy micron of wool spun in 2 ply high twist provides great breathability and recovery with a crisp and dry handle it benefits the wearer with comfort in hot humid climates. This crunchy handling cloth is appreciated widely across the globe in perpetually warmer climates.


With a quirky origin story obscured by the mists of time this singular cloth has become a seasonal tailored staple for those those seeking to equip their wardrobe with every conceivable permutation of formal clothing. Our Suncloth is woven from 2 ply yarn with an especially commissioned 2 colour twist warp to ensure that characteristic iridescence idiosyncratic of the cloth. 


Determined that the benchmark of a great cloth is not merely the micron of wool we resolutely maintain cloths in our collections woven from robust 2 ply yarn counts that speak of authentic British fabric construction. Providing classic British worsted design in cloth construction that would be approved by our forefathers. 


Military and civil uniforms are a perpetual source of inspiration for garment designers. The same values of utility and endurance are a source of continuity in our staple cloths that provide a vintage feel awaiting constant rediscovery by each generation. Our worsted cavalry twill has a clean cut appearance in solids and melange woven from a stout merino wool yarn that translates effortlessly into gaberdine, barathea and drill weaves. 


Whether blended with mohair as would be expected for one of our fabrics or in pure wool our formal black and midnight cloths have a substance and elegant appearance that would be as welcome in the officer’s mess as the smartest red-carpet event. 


Think William Halstead, think Mohair! Our mohair and wool Panama in solid piece dye or top dyed yarns is universally recognised as the industry standard. The exemplar is our unique 100% mohair Panama woven from especially selected fine micron mohair spun in two ply for both warp and weft and named after the South African region of Camdeboo celebrating the source of the finest mohair 


Cloths with a mid-century appeal that satisfy seekers of true vintage characteristics with a sense of futuristic ideals from the recent past. These cloths have never been forgotten but provide renewed generations with a sense of discovering an authentic link with an exciting and burgeoning fashion culture that continues to reverberate today. 


Huckaback is the name once heard seldom forgotten! The weave is in fact translated from towels. Another peculiarity of the William Halstead core range this unusually named fabric is our mesh blazer fabric woven from the same high percentage mohair construction as our ubiquitous Panama clothsThis cloth embraces our long-standing connections with worldwide markets with hot and humid climates.