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Suncloth, classic weaving in the weft

Dec 13, 2018

An iconic cloth with a curious colour contrast, Suncloth, a staple for the Spring season. The characteristic iridescence of Suncloth occurs due to the play in the eye of the high contrast green warp with the red weft. This classic cloth has very esoteric origins. Back in the days of the British Empire, a concept arose that bright red protected the wearer from sun radiation. It was considered impossible to market bright red as a regular suiting fabric, therefore it was largely hidden on the reverse of the fabric by weaving as weft on a high set warp. The pseudo-scientific idea that the colour red was somehow beneficial against the rays of the sun was debunked, but by that time this classic fabric was already established as a staple Spring article. Today Suncloth is understood for the special iridescent effect that occurs when moving around in a suit made from this most particular fabric. Suncloth is offered in stock support from William Halstead to fashion houses of the world and from our merchant partners Standeven to bespoke tailors and made to measure. William Halstead also offers for production colour evolutions of Suncloth in the seasonal collection.