February 26, 2021
February 26, 2021 Darren

At this time of year, we all look forward to the beginning of the warmer months and fabrics suited to the season. A fabric highly synonymous with Spring & Summer is Sun cloth from our Explorer bunch.

Mysterious and wonderful, a singular 100% wool cloth with legendary origins lost in the midst of an earlier sartorial era of British history. It’s said by many no elegant gentleman’s wardrobe is entirely complete until it contains lighter weight garment tailored from Suncloth.

Its peculiar character is given a striking example of a semi plain with an extraordinary character born of the optical interplay between extreme contrast warp and weft yarns.

Everything starts with the raw material; yarn we especially commission due to the specific top dyed colours required to produce the essential optical effect that gives the desired iridescent brio. The unique look is best captured woven in a steep twill, herringbone and bold herringbone so that the bright red just peaks through from the reverse creating the right balance and interplay of colour. Finishing is a complicated matter of keeping these two opposing colours in check; the surface needs to be clean and not overworked.

A harmonizing journey of spinning, weaving, and finishing.

WH are the only English manufacturer of the iconic Suncloth that both weaves and finishes in our own mill within a small geographic area here in West Yorkshire, England.


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